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Fridays For Future India

The main objective of FFF is declaration of Climate Emergency on local, institutional, state, national and eventually on a global level under which comes the demands of banning the use of fossil fuels, banning deforestation, speedy transition towards sustainable and renewable sources of energy , reducing global emissions to net zero by 2030 - to prevent the global heating , that is, the increase of global average temperature by 1.5°C (ideally, 1°C) . FFF movement stresses mainly on policy level changes than individual changes, but one can't exist without the other.

And to achieve these targets, each city is drafting demands specific to their local issues, but the common theme is: The governments have to aggressively cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

We are achieving our goals by organising campaigns/ seminars/ marches where we stress on spreading awareness among the citizens, especially the youth, that is, the generations that will be most affected by the effects of ecological breakdown and try to inspire them to to join our cause and demand climate justice and necessary actions by the policy makers that will safeguard their right to life. This is why FridaysForFuture - India is reaching out to schools, colleges and universities across India, talking to the students and delivering speeches to spread awareness among the youth of the country.


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